Our Happy Customers!

“It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing business with you, discussing real estate and all things property. I feel so privileged to have made a new real estate friend. 🙂

The website was lovely and very helpful, also quite attractively displayed. The land is perfect for forward-thinking investors, and I believe, too, that Cal City areas will be well-populated and quite valuable in the not too distant future.”

-Laurel from Northridge, CA

I appreciate Paul’s prompt response whenever we have problems. Our leaky roof was attended to the following morning. Never have to worry when there are surprises with our property.

-Anna from West Covina, CA

“I recently purchased two properties from Land Sales America and could not be happier! From the initial deposit, to title search and the escrow company Paul handled everything with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. The closing costs we’re significantly less than the original estimate at the time of closing and on top of that I even got a refund for about 85 bucks, terrific! I was so happy I referred my girlfriend and she ended up buying a parcel too. I have purchased other land from other individuals and companies over the years and it has not always played out well. The process that Land Sales America uses really allows you to do your due diligence and buy with confidence. Thank you so much, I love the parcels!”

-Mike from Yucca Valley, CA

“My son and I have done business with Paul Young and have found him to be a fair and honest man to do business with.  He kept us informed every step of the way in our business transaction.  Paul, earned much respect from us in how he conducted every aspect of handling our business.  He’s a respectable man with integrity and a kind heart.  When it comes to transacting business he comes  highly recommended by us.”

-Derick & Viola from Los Angeles, CA

The management team at This Little Light Enterprises really does have a light in their hearts for their clients. Paul, Jason and Peter are such a joy to work with. I highly recommend their services.

-Scott from Torrance, CA

“I am very happy and grateful to you Paul Young for your help in assisting me with the purchase of 2.5 acres of land over by Kern County, which is in California City to be exact. You were very helpful getting me all the documents I needed to sign and getting it back to Ticor Title Company to get the escrow close quickly. Thank you for making me a proud landowner. I really enjoy working with you Paul and I will definitely recommend you to my friends when buying properties there in the Southern California area. Once again, thank you very much Paul!”

-Emiliano from Concord, CA

“The service they provide is outstanding! Their land is INCREDIBLY affordable and the transactions seem nearly effortless. I take comfort in knowing that all business with their customers is conducted through a legitimate title company (Ticor Title over down in Bakersfield, look it up!).  I would highly encourage anybody looking for land to contact him.”

-Peter from Bakersfield, CA

Since Paul was elected as our association president, everything went a lot smoother. There are many troublesome owners in our association, but Paul really has a way of calming people down and solving problems. I was so sorry to see him leave. If you use his company for property management, you will have a good guy to work with! Highly recommended.

-Chuck from Bakersfield, CA

“Thanks Paul!
The service was great and prompt! Inexpensive land near the San Joaquin Valley, and precise answering my questions. I couldn’t ask for any better job.”

-Jose from Bakersfield, CA

“The website is great and has all the details you need to get information on properties, ours is just as described and we are enjoying it very much.  The transaction went smoothly and timely, with Paul responding very quickly to all questions. Thanks!”

-Barbara from San Diego, CA

“Thank you! You did a really good job. I am looking forward to purchasing more land from you in the future. Please keep my contract. I will contact you within the next several months. Thank you again. “

-Mustafa from Yarmouth, ME

“Paul’s land buying process was exemplary. He went beyond the expectations of a seller… very courteous and personable. I recently purchased a home and the process was very stressful. Working with Paul and the loan company went smoothly, the way purchasing real estate should be. I highly recommend buying land from Paul. It was a pleasure doing business with him!”

-Jennifer from Yucca Valley, CA

“First of all, I’d like to thank Mr. Paul Young! This was my very 1st property purchase, and Paul guided me through the process, answering all my questions. I drove 6 hours down from the Bay Area, to check out the property and got to meet Paul personally. It was a pleasure to work with him and made a new friend.

I’d also like to add, land-sales-america.com, is a nice clean, easy to navigate site where I was able to find much needed info!

I definitely hope to work with you again!”

-Duy from Milpitas, CA

“I was a little skeptical doing business by phone and email. I only spoke to Paul once by phone. Wow, how easy it was to close MY land transaction. Paul is very honest and upfront with all his business. No pressure process. We exchanged emails though the process to keep each other updated. Thank You, Paul. I wish more people did business with your integrity.”

-Leonard from Fresno, CA

“Thanks so much. I enjoyed speaking with you, and I appreciate how helpful you have been.”

-Karen from Irvine, CA

“Paul & Team, I would like to send you a quick note and thank you all very much for making this purchase such an easy process. I did not think this would be as easy a process as you folks made it. My family and I are looking forward to enjoying our new investment. Thanks a million!”

-Dan from Lake Elsinore, CA

“Regarding the purchase of land from Land Sales America, good service! You helped me a lot and you made everything easy. Thank you, Paul Young!”

-Nash from Perris, CA

“Buying land in California is as easy as 1,2,3 with Land Sales America. A reputable company that is friendly, courteous, and family oriented. Will definitely buy again in the future.”

-Benjamin from Fontana, CA

“I appreciate all you have done for me. I thank God that He blessed me to have this opportunity to do business with you.”

-Jan from Fresno, CA

“Great, thank you so much! You all provided good service, answered all my questions and even worked with me. Paul even put the parcel on hold for two days until my PayPal account went through!”

-Oracio from Visalia, CA

“Yes it was an easy process over all.”


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